Season 2 / Show 1

A new year, a new decade, a new name for the podcast and, finally, a new episode!

A.M. Freeman joins the podcast to talk about her latest project and how you can help back it. Find out more about it, and her, by listening to the podcast below and by checking out her website here. The podcast should also be up on iHeartRadio and iTunes by the end of today. You may have to look for it under the old name for now: A Scribe’s Journey.

Season 2 / Episode 1 : A.M. Freeman

SHOW 37: Adriana Gavazzoni

Brazilian author and lawyer Adriana Gavazzoni is this week’s guest. We talk about her award-winning trilogy, writing legal non-fiction and even writing legal briefs for court.

Its a great show, despite some tech issues – the joys of trying to video conference from the other side of the planet – and we’re looking forward to have her back on the show next year.


VIDEO: Show 37


AUDIO: Show 37

ASJ: Tom Tinney & Morgen Batten (S01 E017)

Father-Son writing duo Tom Tinney and Morgen Batten join host Richard Paolinelli to discuss how they decided to write “Blood of Invidia” together despite one living in Wisconsin and the other in Australia.

We also discuss the perils of dipping your toes into the Twitter pool for the first time. As well as how silly it is to try to destroy an author simply because they don’t share your political views.

VIDEO: Episode 17: Tome Tinney & Morgen Batten

You can listen to and/or download the episode here. Or, catch it on iHeartRadio, iTunes, Spotify or Google Play Music anytime after this afternoon when it goes live on those platforms.


ASJ Agents S01 E015

Our scheduled guest this week, Adrianna Gavizzoni, took ill shortly before we were scheduled to record her interview for the show and had to cancel. She’ll be back on in August.

Which left host Richard Paolinelli with a lot of empty air time to fill. He did so by sharing his experiences in traditional publishing, especially with an agent, and why he started independently publishing his novels.

Its a shorter show than usual, but still informative. And you can catch it on audio only below or on iHeartRadio, iTunes, Google Play Music or Spotify.

Unfortunately, the day was a perfect wash as about nine minutes into the show we lost the video feed. Hopefully, we can chase off the gremlins before next week’s show.

Video link: ASJ: Agents (S01/E015)

Audio Download Link

ASJ: Amy Bovaird (S01/E014)

Non-Fiction author, Amy Bovaird, joins host Richard Paolinelli this week.

Amy talks about her four books dealing with vision and hearing loss, how both issues are very personal to her and how she does not let these progressively worsening disabilities keep her from traveling and writing.

A truly inspirational guest you’re sure to enjoy.

You can watch the show here: ASJ: Amy Bovaird (S01/E014)

You can also go listen to the show on iHeartRadio, iTunes, Spotify or Google Play Music or download it below:



ASJ: Adele Park (S01/E012)

Author Adele Park joins host Richard Paolinelli this week to talk about audiobooks, including her four very unique audiobooks, and the challenges to produce them. She also points out how the audio format is a great opportunity for new authors and old ones alike.

If you are looking to move your books into this format, this is show you need to watch.

Check out the show right here: ADELE PARK (S01/E012)

Or download an MP3 version to listen to on your favorite device.





ASJ: Tosca Lee (S01/E011)

NYT Bestseller and multiple award-winning author Tosca Lee is this week’s guest. She and host Richard Paolinelli, a fellow Nebraska transplant, discuss her latest release, The 51KL6A8se3L._SY346_Line Between, and the upcoming sequel.

She also talks about the five years of research for her novel, Iscariot, as well as her particular journey to becoming an author.

The show can be viewed right here: ASJ: Tosca Lee.

As always, an MP3 download is available for those wishing to listen to the audio-only version of the show of their favorite MP3 device.


Stick around after the show ends for a special showing of Superversive Press’ book trailer for its upcoming release of: Planetary Series: Jupiter.