Ryter Rong Is This Week’s Guest

91JSo6QteDL.SR160,240_BG243,243,243Author Ryter Rong joins host Richard Paolinelli to talk about her recent novel, Hevin’s Door, and her 2015 debut novel, Ireland Calls My Name. She also teases her upcoming third novel.

Afterwards, Richard shares some advice for new authors regarding the dreaded trolls that are sure to head their way once they become published.

Check out the show here Wednesday, March 27th at Noon (EDT) or anytime on demand by clicking on this link.

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Bokerah Brumley Is Episode 9’s Guest

Urban Fantasy/Romance writer (Chicken aficionado) Bokerah Brumley joins host Richard Paolinelli this week.

Bokerah talks about her new UF series, her contemporary romance series and her stories in Superversive Press’ Planetary Anthology series.

She also talks about the importance of marketing and a certain cyborg chicken and why Richard welcomed her to the show the way he did.

You can catch the show on Wednesday, March 20th at Noon (EDT) right here:


The show will be available as an MP3 (Audio only) download sometime Wednesday afternoon.



Debut author B. Michael Stevens joins host Richard Paolinelli this week to discuss The Goddess Gambit. Marketing a novel that doesn’t fit a specific genre and Stevens’ story in the upcoming Planetary Anthology: Pluto.

Afterwards, Richard discusses a disturbing trend: Gatekeeping. It has him running a little hot under the collar. But don’t worry, no show hosts were injured during the filming of this week’s episode.

You can watch the show right here:


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And be sure to grab a copy of Stevens’ debut novel right here: The Goddess Gambit

Dawn Witzke is Episode 7’s Guest

Dawn Witzke will be on this week’s episode of “A Scribe’s Journey”. You can catch the show on YouTube when it goes live right here on Wednesday, March 6th at Noon (EST).

We talk about her Underground series and her experiences with anthologies as well as the upcoming Planetary Series: Pluto anthology from Superversive Press. Richard closes out the show with an important message about how you can help out a young woman in need of serious medical and financial aid.

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Episode 6: Declan Finn

Three-time Dragon Award Finalist, Declan Finn, soldiers through back pain and joins host Richard Paolinelli (a one-time Dragon Award Finalist), who dug his way out of this weekend’s snowpocalypse in Omaha, this week.

Declan Finn is the author of books ranging from thrillers to urban fantasy to SciFi, including the 2016 Dragon Award Nominated Novel for Best horror, Honor at Stake. He works for Silver Empire Press as their book of the month club. He can be found at his website, declanfinn.com.

The two authors discuss Finn’s Saint Tommy NYPD series and their respective editions of the Planetary Anthology series they are editing for Superversive Press.

Check out the show here: Episode 6

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Episode 5: Stephanie Osborn

The Interstellar Woman of Mystery, author Stephanie Osborn, joins host Richard Paolinelli this week.

Stephanie has written several science non-fiction books – she has four STEM degrees after all – as well as dozens of entertaining sci-fi novels.

She talks about her Division One series as well as the one book she nearly pulled before it was published. Find out which book and why it nearly never made it to the shelf of your local bookstore.

The show can be viewed here or you can download an MP3 version and listen to the episode whenever you want right here.

Check out her website.

Find her books on Amazon.