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ASJ Agents S01 E015

Our scheduled guest this week, Adrianna Gavizzoni, took ill shortly before we were scheduled to record her interview for the show and had to cancel. She’ll be back on in August.

Which left host Richard Paolinelli with a lot of empty air time to fill. He did so by sharing his experiences in traditional publishing, especially with an agent, and why he started independently publishing his novels.

Its a shorter show than usual, but still informative. And you can catch it on audio only below or on iHeartRadio, iTunes, Google Play Music or Spotify.

Unfortunately, the day was a perfect wash as about nine minutes into the show we lost the video feed. Hopefully, we can chase off the gremlins before next week’s show.

Video link: ASJ: Agents (S01/E015)

Audio Download Link

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ASJ: Adele Park (S01/E012)

Author Adele Park joins host Richard Paolinelli this week to talk about audiobooks, including her four very unique audiobooks, and the challenges to produce them. She also points out how the audio format is a great opportunity for new authors and old ones alike.

If you are looking to move your books into this format, this is show you need to watch.

Check out the show right here: ADELE PARK (S01/E012)

Or download an MP3 version to listen to on your favorite device.