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Episode 3 Airs Tomorrow At Noon

Tomorrow at Noon eastern, Dawn Greenfield Ireland is our guest. You can watch it here starting at Noon (Eastern) on Wednesday February 6th: A Scribe’s Journey: Dawn Greenfield Ireland

OraVaud2She discusses her own scribe’s journey, why she edits other authors’ books & why it is vital that all authors have their books edited before submitting to an agent or a publisher. We talk about our collaboration to help finish the late author Gibson Michaels’ fourth and final book, Eerie. We also explore her connection to this mysterious woman from the past who was a true pioneer.

We overcame some connection issues on Dawn’s end, and a microphone issue on mine (stupid new webcam) which led to me donning the headset this week and looking like a play-by-play man for a hockey game. But at the end of the day, we had a great time.

Make sure you check out Dawn’s books – especially The Last Dog – and if you are looking for an editor drop her an e-mail at



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Episode #2: Gibson Michaels

The second show is live and our featured author is Gibson Michaels.

A little different setup this week in that Gibson passed away on Sept. 7, 2017, so obviously, this isn’t a live interview. But he was an amazing author and an even better friend and he would have been a live guest here.

But, thanks to a video blogger named Jason Zacarola, we have about a five-minute clip of him talking about his Sentience Trilogy, which was a 2016 Dragon Award finalist for Best Military Sci-Fi.

I also talk about his fourth and final book, Eerie, which is coming out later this spring. He was working on it when he passed and a group of people have been working on finishing it for him and for his fans.

I also discuss the differences between traditional and independent publishing as well as those authors, like myself, who are considered hybrids because we do both.

Its a good show and I think you will enjoy it. Here’s the link to the video on YouTube:

A Scribe’s Journey: Gibson Michaels 

Or catch the audio-only right here:



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Coming On Jan. 30th

Wed. Jan. 30th at Noon EST!
Episode #2 of “A Scribe’s Journey” premieres with guest sci-fi author, Gibson Michaels, who passed away in 2017. He was a 2016 Dragon Award finalist for Best Military Sci-Fi.
17965197_750681075113410_1467393672_nHe’ll be on the show to talk about his Sentience Trilogy thanks to Jason Zacarola who granted us permission to use his video clip of Gibson from WorldCon in 2016.
I’ll also talk about the efforts to finish and publish his fourth and final book, Eerie, that he was working on when he passed away.
I’ll also discuss the differences in traditional, independent & hybrid publishing and why every author may not be a fit for one or the other.
Click on the link below to subscribe to the channel on YouTube and set a reminder to catch the show at your convenience.