A Scribe’s Journey presents the Inaugural Helicon Awards!

The 2019 Helicon Awards celebrates the best literary works of 2018 in Science Fiction, Fantasy, Military Sci-Fi/Fantasy, Alternate History, Media Tie-In, Horror and Anthology (SF/F/H).

There are also three individual honorees for the Mevil Dewey Innovation Award, Laura Ingalls Wilder Best New Author Award and the Frank Herbert Lifetime Achievement Award.

If you want to skip the preliminaries, the awards begin at the 3:28 mark in the video.


VIDEO: 2019 Helicon Awards


AUDIO: 2019 Helicon Awards


ASJ: Jenna Greene (S01/E023)

YA author Jenna Greene is this weeks guest. She talks balancing a writing career with a full-time job as a teacher and being a mom.

Weather decided to show up, triggering a two minute and thirty second break in the show. You’ll see where that happened although we edited out the over two minutes of host Richard Paolinelli looking to the sky and shaking his fist.


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ASJ Jason Rennie (S01/E021)

The Superversive trilogy is complete!

The man behind the curtain at Superversive Press, Jason Rennie, is this week’s guest on the show. We talk about the concept of superversive and how readers are crying out for a change from the “everything sucks” dystopian malaise that has permeated sci-fi/fantasy over the past decade.

We also talk out the Planetary Anthology Series and the pending release of Jupiter.

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