Named after the mountain that the mythological Nine Muses called home, the Helicon Awards recognizes the best in science fiction, fantasy and horror for each calendar year.


The 2019 Helicon Awards covers works from 2018, serving as the inaugural year, and were announced on July 4, 2019. For the following years, the awards will be announced on April 2nd, beginning in 2020.

Nominations for a year’s awards open on January 1st and close on January 15th of that year. Nominated works must have been published for the first time between Jan. 1 and Dec. 31 of the year being nominated.

Here are the inaugural awards and winners from the 2019 Helicon Awards:


2019_HELICON_AWARD_YT copyBest Science Fiction Novel

Causes of Separation  – Travis Corcoran.


Best Fantasy Novel

OathBringer – Brandon Sanderson


Best Military SFF Novel

A Place For War – Daniel Humphreys


Best Alternate History Novel

The Dream of the Iron Dragon – Robert Kroese


Best Media Tie-In Novel

Thrawn: Alliances – Timothy Zahn


Best Horror Novel

Hell Spawn – Declan Finn


Best Anthology (SF/F/H)

Secret Stairs: Tribute To Urban Legend (Silver Empire)


Melvil Dewey Innovation Award

Ethan Van Sciver


Laura Ingalls Wilder New Author Award

Hawkings Austin


Frank Herbert  Lifetime Achievement Award

Jack McDevitt



Nominations for the 2020 Helicon Awards are currently being accepted in the following categories:

2020_HELICON_AWARD_MAIN copy.jpgBest Sci-Fi

Best Fantasy

Best Military SF/F

Best Alt History

Best Media Tie-In

Best Horror

Best YA

Best Steampunk

Best Anthology (Book or story)

Best SF/F Movie

Best SF/F TV Series

Best SF/F Comic Book or Graphic Novel

Best SF/F Game (Board or Mobile)

Melvil Dewey Innovation Award – Awarded to a person who has created something that has changed the field for the good.

Laura Ingalls Wilder Best New Author Award – Awarded to the best first-time novelist for that year.

Frank Herbert Lifetime Achievement Award – Awarded to an author/creator who has produced a substantial body of work in SF/F/H.


Works must be 1st published between Jan 1 thru Dec. 31, 2019. Dewey & Wilder awards for work done in 2019. Herbert Award covers the entire body of an author’s work and career.

Winners will be announced on April 2, 2020.

Send nominations to: ascribesjourney@gmail.com use 2020 HELICON NOMINATIONS in subject line.

Nominations must be in by Jan. 15th 2020.