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ASJ: Show #33: Daniel Humphreys

The gremlins got us, or were they zombies instead? Hmmmmm…

70416528_10219498917961543_4271684776504590336_nUrban Fantasy author, and 2017 Dragon Award Finalist, Daniel Humphreys joins the show this week.

Unfortunately, we had all sorts of technical issues this week, including not having the opening minutes of our interview recorded and followed by sound issues later.

We talk about his incredible Z-Day series and next month’s release of Places Beyond The Wild, an anthology based on Humphrey’s series.

We will definitely have Dan come back on again later and hopefully, we won’t have all of the problems next time.


VIDEO: Show #33


AUDIO: Show #33

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Show #32: Christie Stratos

Historical fiction author, Christie Stratos, joins the show today. She talks about her psychological thrillers set in the Victorian era, the research that goes into writing fiction set in the past and her own video shows that she does with and for authors.

It was a great show to do and Christie was a magnificent guest! Enjoy!




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ASJ: Show 31: J. David Herman

We have guest sign!!!!

Coming off last week’s last-second cancellation by Adrianna Gavazonni – who will be on the October 8, 2019 show instead – we were very happy to see this week’s gust show up on the screen.

First-time author, J. David Herman, who is also a former sportswriter like our show’s host, Richard Paolinelli, is on to talk about his book, “Almost Yankees”.

The two discuss the book, the process of writing it and baseball in general. So if you are a baseball fan, get your peanuts and crackerjack, click on one of the links below and “Let’s play ball!!!!”




AUDIO: Audio download link




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ASJ: Show 30

Our scheduled guest, Adrianna Gavazzoni, had a last-minute emergency that called her away. We’ll try to get her on sometime in October.

It was the perfect complement to this month. As we started off with the Google issue that has impacted how we record the show and then this week’s loss of the guest. And it comes one day after host Richard Paolinelli had to reschedule his appearance on a show back east due to technical difficulties on the show’s end.

So, this week we talk a little about who’s up next and some advice for new authors on how to avoid the darker side of Social Media. You can listen to Richard’s advice on iTunes and on iHeartRadio when the show goes live on those platforms a little later today.

VIDEO: Show 30

AUDIO: Show 30



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ASJ: A.M. FREEMAN (E028/S01)

New author A.M. Freeman is this week’s guest – after a 12-hour marathon by the show’s 65480776_10158623304884972_2886602559923945472_nproduction slaves, er, team to recover from Google ending the Hangouts over the weekend and leaving the show with no way to record the guest.

Happily, a back-up plan was installed (because we didn’t want to be on the receiving end of THAT look) and we had a great time talking to a young author we expect to hear great things from for many years to come.


And here are the links mentioned during her appearance:

Maryanne Project

Lost In La-La Land

Impossible Hope


Watch the show here: VIDEO


Or listen to it here: AUDIO

And, as always, you can listen to the show on iTunes, iHeartRadio, Spotify and other platforms that host podcasts.

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ASJ: Willie Handler (E027/S01)

After last week’s gremlins sabotaged us here in the studio – as well as on our guest’s end – we’re back up and running.

This week’s guest is┬ásatirist and speculative fiction novelist, Willie Handler. He joins us from Ontario, Canada to talk about his two books and his work in progress.


VIDEO: Episode 27: Willie Handler

AUDIO: EPISODE 27: Willie Handler (Audio Download Only)

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ASJ: Jim Christina (S01/E026)

Acclaimed Western author Jim Christina, host of The Writers Block on LA Talk Radio, returns for a second visit to our show. We talk about Jim’s recent release of some of his poems written decades ago as well as many other writing-related topics.




AUDIO: ASJ SHOW #26 (Download Link)



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A Scribe’s Journey presents the Inaugural Helicon Awards!

The 2019 Helicon Awards celebrates the best literary works of 2018 in Science Fiction, Fantasy, Military Sci-Fi/Fantasy, Alternate History, Media Tie-In, Horror and Anthology (SF/F/H).

There are also three individual honorees for the Mevil Dewey Innovation Award, Laura Ingalls Wilder Best New Author Award and the Frank Herbert Lifetime Achievement Award.

If you want to skip the preliminaries, the awards begin at the 3:28 mark in the video.


VIDEO: 2019 Helicon Awards


AUDIO: 2019 Helicon Awards