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Season 2 / Show 1

A new year, a new decade, a new name for the podcast and, finally, a new episode!

A.M. Freeman joins the podcast to talk about her latest project and how you can help back it. Find out more about it, and her, by listening to the podcast below and by checking out her website here. The podcast should also be up on iHeartRadio and iTunes by the end of today. You may have to look for it under the old name for now: A Scribe’s Journey.

Season 2 / Episode 1 : A.M. Freeman

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A New Year, A New Path

At the end of our first season of A Scribe’s Journey, I mentioned that the show was going to change. We interviewed authors across multiple genres and we had a blast with all 41 of our shows.┬áBut changes needed to be made and we’ve made them.

First, the show will no longer have a video component. You can still go to YouTube and watch the 41 shows from the first season. But, there will be no new shows posted on that venue.

Second, the show has changed names, as you no doubt noticed when you came to this website. The new name is Voyages Of A Sci-Fi Scribe. We will talking about science fiction and fantasy and not just about writing in those genres. Movies, books, games, films, etc, all will be discussed here.

Third, the show can be listed to here or on iTunes or on iHeartRadio. Just give them some time to catch up to the name change before you go looking for them. As with YouTube, the old season one audio editions of the 41 shows will remain available to be listened to.

The first show under the new name should be coming out soon. And it won’t be a regular show on a set day of the week. So keep checking back for new content.

Finally, we’re keeping the same website and domain because its a royal pain in the backside to get a new domain, build a new site, transfer stuff over and get iTunes and iHeartRadio locked in – plus we’d have to maintain both domains so that all the A Scribe’s Journey stuff could still be found. It is just easier to do it this way.

So, enjoy the new direction and let us know what you’d like to hear us talk about.


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SHOW 41: Angelique L’Amour

Angelique L’Amour, daughter of legendary western author Louis L’Amour, joins us for a bonus 2019 episode of the show. And since its a bonus episode, you get bonus show, almost double what we normally run.

Hang around for the closing for big news on several upcoming anthologies you won’t want to miss out on.






You can also listen to the show on iHeartRadio, right here.


Here’s a photo of her on the set of Conagher, based on one of her father’s amazing stories, that she had a role in alongside Sam Elliott.


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SHOW 40: Caroline Giammanco

Caroline Giammanco is our season one finale guest. She talks about her non-fiction books that takes an insiders look at what happens behind the walls of our prison system.

Its a great show, despite the mike problem for the host at the end. Fortunately, Caroline’s mike was working just fine.





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SHOW 38: Short Story Writing

Our scheduled guest canceled so host Richard Paolinelli takes advantage of the free time to talk about writing short stories for anthologies and magazines.

It’s a great way for new writers to hone their craft before taking on the big novel project.

Check out the video here: SHOW 38


or give it, or any of our previous shows, a listen on: iHeartRadio


or even right here: SHOW 38



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SHOW 37: Adriana Gavazzoni

Brazilian author and lawyer Adriana Gavazzoni is this week’s guest. We talk about her award-winning trilogy, writing legal non-fiction and even writing legal briefs for court.

Its a great show, despite some tech issues – the joys of trying to video conference from the other side of the planet – and we’re looking forward to have her back on the show next year.


VIDEO: Show 37


AUDIO: Show 37