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A New Year, A New Path

At the end of our first season of A Scribe’s Journey, I mentioned that the show was going to change. We interviewed authors across multiple genres and we had a blast with all 41 of our shows. But changes needed to be made and we’ve made them.

First, the show will no longer have a video component. You can still go to YouTube and watch the 41 shows from the first season. But, there will be no new shows posted on that venue.

Second, the show has changed names, as you no doubt noticed when you came to this website. The new name is Voyages Of A Sci-Fi Scribe. We will talking about science fiction and fantasy and not just about writing in those genres. Movies, books, games, films, etc, all will be discussed here.

Third, the show can be listed to here or on iTunes or on iHeartRadio. Just give them some time to catch up to the name change before you go looking for them. As with YouTube, the old season one audio editions of the 41 shows will remain available to be listened to.

The first show under the new name should be coming out soon. And it won’t be a regular show on a set day of the week. So keep checking back for new content.

Finally, we’re keeping the same website and domain because its a royal pain in the backside to get a new domain, build a new site, transfer stuff over and get iTunes and iHeartRadio locked in – plus we’d have to maintain both domains so that all the A Scribe’s Journey stuff could still be found. It is just easier to do it this way.

So, enjoy the new direction and let us know what you’d like to hear us talk about.


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