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Episode 4 Airs Tomorrow At Noon

And God alone knows how we managed to pull it off, lol.

51885848_1041092479424471_5333245295864053760_nA nasty winter storm unloaded on both locations of our video chat, leaving us with very poor quality video from Ohio and by the midway point of the show, we were having our own issues with the audio not matching the video on my end. Yielding to Mother Nature, we waved the white flag and retired from the field.

But, the overall audio – aside from one or two slight glitches – is fine and you can still enjoy our conversation with Professor Jason Bieber. He and I discuss history and the proper researching of it for authors of non-fiction, historical fiction and alternate history.

We also touch on his area of expertise, military history, by discussing Gettysburg, the overall Civil War and World War I. We also discuss two authors of Civil War narratives. One, Shelby Foote, got it right. The other? Not so much.

You can watch the show at Noon (EST) right here: Episode 4: Jason Bieber

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