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Guests Slated For February And March

Our next eight shows are booked – all the way through to the end of March! That’s quite an accomplishment for a brand new show.

Here’s who to be looking out for every Wednesday at Noon (U.S. Central time) on the show:

February 6th: Dawn Greenfield Ireland

February 13th: Jason Bieber

February 20th: Stephanie Osborn

February 27th: Declan Finn

March 6th: Dawn Witzke

March 13th: Ben Stevens

March 20th: Bokerah Brumley

March 27th: Ryter Rong

If you are an author and would like to be on a future show, please drop us a line at: and we’ll set you up.

img_0313Also, so far the shows have been shot entirely in the studio. This is due to the weather here in Omaha. It is just too cold to go outside for any length of time, especially the amount of time it takes to get the camera set up.

But, once it warms up – and it started out at -14 below this morning here with a wind chill of -29 below zero – we’re planning on hitting the road. There are some great locations nearby and each one of them will have a direct connection to a guest or to the writing tip we’ll feature that week. Should be a lot of fun.



3 thoughts on “Guests Slated For February And March

    1. Dawn actually lives in the Northeast and we actually have multiple ways of having the guest on via video chat programs. We also will have one future guest who will be audio only which means editing will have to get very creative but it will certainly still be entertaining and informative.

      We are looking forward to shooting portions of future shows on location in the Greater Omaha area. But for now, we’ll stay nice and warm in the studio.


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